Text: Postnatal Circuits Class. What to expect at your first session. Image: Woman stretching sitting opposit a baby playing on a mat

Postnatal Circuits Class Q&A

Text: Postnatal Circuits Class. What to expect at your first session.
Image: Woman stretching sitting opposit a baby playing on a mat

Want to come to my Postnatal Circuits Class but aren’t sure what to expect?

Well, read on below for the answers to your questions.

Do I need to be fit?

You don’t need to be fit to join my Postnatal Circuits class, all levels of fitness are welcome.

I include different exercises so you work at the level that is right for you. This may mean that some women are doing slightly different exercises to you and that’s okay.

Before your first session you will need to have a pre-screening chat with me so we can discuss your postnatal stage and exercises will be given that are appropriate to you and your current fitness level.

I’ve only recently given birth, will this be the right postnatal class for me?

If you are newly postnatal you will need to have had your GP post birth check and been cleared to exercise, this is usually 6-8 weeks (12 weeks for a c-section birth). This is to make sure everything has healed as it should do.

But once you have had your check, and any scaring has healed, you can come along to the class.

What’s involved at the postnatal circuits class?

The sessions are designed to build your fitness and strength, whatever your postnatal stage.

We start off with mobility work to ease any aches you may have and get you ready for the class. This is followed by a short core focused workout designed to return your core and pelvic floor muscles to full strength.

Then we move onto our circuits to get you fit, strong and a little bit sweaty! The circuits are a mixture of cardio and strength exercises, with options for different movements depending on whether you are newly postnatal, have a diastasis, are new to exercise or have been up with baby all night!

And as it’s good to be social, there is an outdoor space and a  cafe near by where you can have a drink and a chat afterwards.

What will my baby be doing during the class?

My postnatal circuits class is designed to help you to get fitter and stronger, without worrying about childcare as your baby can come with you to the class.

Your baby can stay in their car seat, pram or buggy during the session. And you’re welcome to bring a bouncy chair and any toys to keep them happy. If your baby will be happier on a playmat then please bring one along, as long as they won’t be crawling.

I want to make sure you get a good workout whilst being safe for the babies.

Will my baby join in the workout?

No, this workout is all about you.

The workouts involve bodyweight and resistance exercises so you can get a really good workout but we won’t be involving your baby in any of the exercises. This is so I can make sure you are doing the movments correctly, with modifications if needed. Which means you will build your fitness and strength in an efficient and safe way.

I want to make sure you get a good workout whilst being safe for the babies.

What happens if my baby won’t stop crying during the session?

Babies cry, so please don’t worry.

If your baby won’t settle and you need to take him or her out of their buggy you will need to pause your exercises. However, as soon as baby is settled you can resume your workout.

How big are the classes?

This is a small group postnatal class which means there is a maximum of 12 mums with their babies at each session. This means you have a more personal touch to your class, and I can make sure you are working at the right level for you and make any adjustments for you on the day.

I was up all night with baby and I don’t have much energy, should I still come along?

Sometimes getting out of the house and being with other people can be just what you need after a tough night. Let me know how you are feeling and just do what you can. That might mean you do the mobility work and the cool down and sit the rest out, and that’s fine.

But you may find that being with other mums is just what you need to give you the boost needed to join in.

What should I wear? And do I need to bring anything?

Wear comfortable clothes, trainers and a supportive bra.

Bring water, a post workout snack, and a towel. If you have a mat you may want to bring that along for any seated cool downs we might do.

Any questions I’ve left out? Just ask! No question is too small, if you’ve thought of it someone else will have done too!

And if you are ready to come to a session, find out the latest dates here. Classes are held in Berryfields, Aylesbury and Bicester.

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