Run Strong with Coach Nicola


Would you like to run faster but feel you run out of speed too soon?

Do you want to run further but find aches and niggles are stopping you each time you increase the distance?

Have you been told that strength training is good for runners but you just don’t know where to start?

Do you enjoy running but don’t think you have time to fit in any other exercise or cross-training?

Have you been injured and want to enjoy running again without the fear of injury holding you back?

Do you want to become a better, stronger runner so you can reach whatever goals you set yourself?

Then get strong with Run Strong!

Here’s how you can become a stronger runner

The Run Strong workshop is for you if

You enjoy running but keep getting injured or have ongoing niggles which cause frustration

You want to run faster but despite adding speed work you can’t quite seem to hit the times

You feel you have plateaued and no matter what you do you just don’t seem to improve

You want to run further but every time you increase the distance you get pain

You want to enjoy running but it often feels like hard work

You know you should be adding strength training but feel a bit lost on what do to and don’t know what will actually be of benefit to you


What you can expect

The Run Strong workshop consists of a 90 minute in person workshop led by Coach Nicola, a UK Athletics running coach and fitness instructor, and a follow up 14 day online challenge

The 90 Minute Workshop

A small group workshop, no more than 12 people, that will get you moving effectively, teaching you movements to improve your running strength, mobility and agility.

All exercises in the workshop are simple body-weight exercises that can be done at home. You will also be shown how you can make the movements more challenging with and without adding weight or equipment.

You will also be shown how to improve your running technique using easy running drills that you can add to your running warm up or cool downs to make you runs more effective.

14 Day Online Challenge

Following the workshop you will be invited to join a 14 day online challenge.

Each day you will be set a mini challenge that will take between 5 to 20 minutes. The challenges will build on what you have learnt on the workshop so at the end of the 14 days you will have a great foundation on which to continue to build your running strength.

Next Run Strong workshop

Date TBC 2019

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Additional Information and FAQs

Runners who want to improve their running; runners who are stepping up the distance; runners who want to increase their speed; runners who would like to be stronger in order to maximise enjoyment in running; runners who want to build their confidence before they start training for a big race; runners who want to run without injury. In fact anyone who runs and wants to improve, no matter what that means to them!
Absolutely! Run Strong is designed to help all runners, whether you have been running for 6 months or 6 years. It will give you a strong foundation to build on and improve your running
The workouts can be done at home and in a small space. The exercises do not need any equipment and use bodyweight only. However, you will be given ways you can make the movements more challenging and some of these will use small equipment such as resistance bands and weights.
The daily challenge will last between 5 to 20 minutes, short enough to be effective and to fit into your daily routine!
The Run Strong 14 day online challenge is only available to people who attend the workshop as it builds on the exercises and movements you are shown in the workshop. If you can’t attend the workshop but are interested in online coaching please see my online coaching page.