Run Strong with Coach Nicola – online

Do you want to become a better, stronger runner so you can reach whatever goals you set yourself?

Have you been told that strength training is good for runners but you just don’t know where to start?

Do you enjoy running but don’t think you have time to fit in any other exercise or cross-training?

Would you like to train from the comfort of you home, with the advice and support of a running coach?

Then it’s time to get strong with Run Strong!

Runners with light

The Run Strong online programme is for you if


You know you should be strength training but feel a bit lost on what do to and don’t know what will actually be of benefit to you

You want to run faster but despite adding speed work you can’t quite seem to hit the times

You feel you have plateaued and no matter what you do you just don’t seem to improve

You want to run further but every time you increase the distance you get pain

You want to enjoy running but it often feels like hard work


What you can expect


The Run Strong online programme consists of a 4 week online strength programme delivered by Coach Nicola, a UK Athletics running coach and personal trainer.

4 Week Online Programme

Each week you will be given

  • two strength workouts lasting up to 30 minutes consisting of body-weight exercises that can be done at home
  • a running workout to help improve your technique, your speed or your endurance
  • ongoing support and advice from an encouraging running coach who wants you to succeed

At the end of the 4 weeks you will have a solid foundation of running specific strength.

The online programme starts on Monday of each week and the intake is limited to 5 people per week. This is so you are given the support and time you need as you start the programme.


Please choose your start date for the 4 week programme from the options below.

Your place is confirmed on the programme once you have booked below and completed the Lifestyle and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ)

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Additional Information and FAQs

Runners who want to improve their running; runners who are stepping up the distance; runners who want to increase their speed; runners who would like to be stronger in order to maximise enjoyment in running; runners who want to build their confidence before they start training for a big race; runners who want to run without injury. In fact anyone who runs and wants to improve, no matter what that means to them!
Absolutely! Run Strong is designed to help all runners, whether you have been running for 6 months or 6 years. It will give you a strong foundation to build on and improve your running
The workouts are designed to be at home and in a small space. The exercises do not need any equipment and use bodyweight only.
The strength workouts will be up to 30 minutes each, short enough to be effective and to fit into your daily routine! The running workouts are done at your own pace. This could mean a 30 minute workout or a 60 minutes workout depending on your pace and how long you want to run for.
The online programme is delivered via the Trainerize app (available for iPhone and Android). Once you have registered you will recieve a welcome email asking you to set up a Trainerize account. In your account there is a calendar setup where your workouts are located. Workouts, check-ins, and mostly everything related to the Run Strong online programme will be delivered though the Trainerize app
Throughout the 4 weeks you will be able to ask any questions through the Trainerize app and support will be given within the app.
The online programme starts on Monday of each week and the intake is limited to 5 people per week. This is so I can give you the support and time you need as you start the programme. The programme will start on the following Monday after you have registered and signed up to Trainerize.