Start to Run with Coach Nicola


Do you want to feel energetic and confident?

Would you like to take on a new challenge?

Do you want to get active now so you can keep moving throughout your life?

Would you like to improve your mental health and wellbeing?

Do you want to reduce your stress levels and feel more calm?

Would you like to be fit enough to keep up with your kids?

Here’s why Coach Nicola’s Start to Run works

My coaching starts with you. You might be a complete beginner who has never run before. You might have stopped running when having your kids but now want to get back to it. You might have been injured and are slowly returning to running.

Whatever your starting point you are here now, ready to run and to see yourself accomplish new things.

You have support and guidance of an enthusiastic coach. This programme keeps you motivated and accountable, perfect if you have ever tried a couch to 5k app but found it difficult to keep motivated on your own.

You have friendly, weekly check ins. You are less likely to skip a run when you know someone is checking in on you!

You will belong to a community of fellow runners. Having the support from fellow runners who are all going through the same thing is invaluable.

It's not just about running. As well as the running programme, you will also have two optional cross training sessions a week to compliment your running. Plus a weekly ‘live’ from me to answer any questions you have and to discuss very important topics (like what’s the best thing to eat before a run).

The 10 week course costs £39 and is available to all, no matter where you live. All you need to begin is comfortable clothes, trainers and enthusiasm!



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Additional Information and FAQs

All you need is comfortable clothes and a pair of supportive trainers. Women runners will also need a high impact sports bra for support. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on new kit, especially when you first start out.
The programme is delivered via the Trainerize app. Once you have signed up to the course you will be sent a welcome email within 48 hours inviting you to create a login and password. In your training account there is a calendar setup where your runs are located.
The programme consists of three runs of up to 30 minutes each per week, plus two optional 20-30 minute cross training sessions. The days to work out will be set in your Trainerize calendar but these can be moved around to suit your commitments. I just ask that you make sure you have at least one day between each run so you aren't running on two consecutive days.
Everyone on the course will be invited to join a Facebook group dedicated to the Coach Nicola Start to Runners. Please sign up as this is where you can connect with fellow runners and where my weekly lives will happen. In addition, you will have a weekly check in via the Trainerize messaging system. You can do the course without joining Facebook, however, please be aware that this may mean you miss out on some of the support and additional information.
You can message me through the Trainerize messaging system or email me at anytime and I will respond within 24 hours of receipt Monday to Fridays and within 48 hours during the weekend.
Running and being active is fun and healthy. Being more active is very safe for most people. However, some people should check with their doctor before they start becoming much more physically active. You will be asked to complete a PAR-Q form that will help me to assess your readiness to start training and you may need to check with your doctor before you start the course. If you have any concerns please do contact me to discuss further before you sign up.
The Start to Run course is designed to help people over the age of 16 start to run but there is no upper age limit. I would ask that if you are over 69 years of age and you are not used to being very active you should check with your doctor first before signing up.
Running is a high impact sport that places a lot of demand on your body. To be run ready, your body needs time to heal and regain its strength after having a baby. For this reason I recommend that you only start running between 3-6 months postnatal and that you seek out a pelvic health assessment with a specialist physiotherapist to evaluate strength, function and co-ordination of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which are often impacted by pregnancy and delivery. This will ensure that you can run without leaking (urine and/or bowel), will not have any lower back or pelvic pain and do not have a belly gap (Diastasis Rectus). If the physio gives you the go ahead then I would love to have you on this course. If you have any questions please contact me.
The optional cross-training sessions are suitable for doing at home using bodyweight only so you do not need to buy any equipment or a gym membership. However, if you are a member of a gym or have equipment at home I can recommend some progressions to the sessions using the equipment you have.