A post natal fitness class to get you moving, get fit and have fun


Do you want to move and and get fit after having a baby?

Are you looking for a post natal fitness class with no added child care stress ?

Do you want to improve your posture and core?

Are you looking to feel better in your body after having a baby?

Do you want to be part of a supportive community of local, like minded mums?


Become a Strong, Fit Mama!

Two mums with babies in push chairs taking part in a post natal fitness class

Strong, Fit Mama is a post natal fitness class designed to build your fitness and strength, whatever your postnatal stage. The small group sessions are a mixture of cardio and non impact, strengthening exercises, designed to help you heal, get fitter and become stronger.

We all know that you need to be strong to be a mum! So you will focus on building your strength for everyday movements such as lifting and carrying, work on your quick reactions for when you need to move fast, and incorporate your core and pelvic floor into all we do.

Each session includes mobility and core work, a fitness circuit to build your strength and a restorative cool down.

Who is this post natal fitness class for?

Any woman who is post natal and wants to build her fitness in a safe and progressive way. If you are newly post natal you will need to have had your GP post birth check and been cleared to exercise, this is usually 6-8 weeks (12 weeks for a c-section birth).

All fitness levels are welcome.

And no need to worry about childcare, you can bring your baby or toddler as long as they are happy to stay in a buggy.

So, how does this work?

When you make your first booking you'll be asked to complete an online Pre-Screening form to ensure that this session is right for you and for me to get a better idea of your individual needs.

I will then connect with you to discuss the Pre-Screening so that I know where you are on your post natal journey and make sure the exercises are suitable for you.

Come along to the Strong, Fit Mama sessions. You can bring your baby or toddler in a buggy or come on your own.

When and Where Is this Course?

Future dates and locations to be announced.

Bespoke dates available for groups of 6 or more.

Interested? Email to discuss

Additional Information and FAQs

Strong, Fit Mama sessions include a mixture of bodyweight and resistance exercises. Equipment will be provided apart from a mat which you will need to bring. You should also bring water and you may want a small snack for after the session. If you need any advice on what you need or would like to buy your kit from me please let me know.
Depending on the location Strong, Fit Mama sessions take place both in and outdoors. When we are outside, please wear clothes that are suitable for the class and the weather, including rain. Your clothes should be comfortable and breathable and layers are recommended so you can remove or add as needed. Please make sure your baby is suitably dressed, especially when the class takes place outdoors.
Your baby will need to stay in their buggy or pram during the session but any buggy or pram is suitable. You will not need a special buggy for the outdoor sessions as these will take place on park paths and grass.
Strong, Fit Mama sessions are not competitive, we do not race or run! It is a relaxed environment where you work at the level that is right for you. This may mean that some women are doing slightly different exercises to you and that's okay. Before your first session you will need to have a pre-screening chat with me so we can discuss your postnatal stage and exercises will be given that are appropriate to you,
If your toddler is happy to stay in a buggy then they are very welcome. Your children, whatever age, remain your responsibility throughout the session.
It is usually a good idea to feed baby before coming to a session, this means baby isn’t hungry and you can get an hour for YOU. If you’re breastfeeding this also ensures you are more comfortable when you are exercising.
Just let me know! You can drop out from the session and can come back to the group when you are finished.
Babies cry! Don't worry. If your baby won't settle and you need to take him or her out of the buggy you will need to pause your exercises. However, you can keep with the group and as soon as baby is settled back into the buggy you can resume your exercises.
Before you come to a Strong, Fit Mama class you will be asked to complete a pre-screening form and then have a chat with me. We can go over any concerns you have about your pelvic floor and core and discuss if Strong, Fit Mama is right for you. If you experience leaks, pain, or have a large tummy gap then you may be advised to join my Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman or Diastasis Recovery programmes or to seek the advice of a women's health physio.