strong fit mama postnatal fitness class Q&A

Strong Fit Mama Post Natal Fitness Class Q&A

strong fit mama post natal group class Q&A

Want to come to my Strong Fit Mama post natal group class but have questions you need answers to?

Well, read on below.

Do I need to be fit?

In a Strong, Fit Mama post natal group class you work at the level that is right for you. This may mean that some women are doing slightly different exercises to you and that’s okay. Before your first session you will need to have a pre-screening chat with me so we can discuss your postnatal stage and exercises will be given that are appropriate to you and your current fitness level.

What happens if my baby won’t stop crying during the session?

Babies cry! Don’t worry. If your baby won’t settle and you need to take him or her out of the buggy you will need to pause your exercises. However, you can keep with the group and as soon as baby is settled back into the buggy you can resume your exercises.

I’ve only recently given birth, will this be the right post natal class for me?

If you are newly post natal you will need to have had your GP post birth check and been cleared to exercise, this is usually 6-8 weeks (12 weeks for a c-section birth). This is to make sure everything has healed as it should do.

What happens in a session?

We focus on building your strength for everyday movements such as lifting and carrying, work on your quick reactions for when you need to move fast, and incorporate your core and pelvic floor into all we do. Each session starts off with mobility work to bring some ease into your muscles, then we concentrate on exercises for your core, followed by a fitness circuit to build your strength which you do at your own pace and a restorative cool down.

How big are the classes?

This is a small group post natal class which means we have a maximum of 8 mums and babies at each session. This means you have a more personal touch to your class, and I can make sure everyone is working at the right level for them and make any adjustments for you on the day.

What if the weather is bad? Do we have to exercise in the rain?

As the sessions are held a the Waddesdon Community Centre we have the option of being outdoors if it’s nice weather or indoor if it’s not so nice. It also means we have access to toilets and you have somewhere warm and private to change the baby if you need to.

I was up all night with baby and I don’t have much energy, should I still come along?

Sometimes getting out of the house and being with other people can be just what you need after a tough night. Just let me know how you are feeling and just do what you can. That might mean you do the mobility work and the cool down and sit the rest out, and that’s fine.

Is there parking?

Yes! There is free parking available at the Community Centre.

Any questions I’ve left out? Just ask! No question is too small, if you’ve thought of it someone else will have done too!

And if you are ready to come to a session, find out the latest dates here


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