1-2-1 Coaching in Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire

Do you have a goal coming up and want to train efficiently and safely? Do you want to get to the finish line feeling confident and excited?

Would like to train without injury? Do frequent injuries and niggles appear when increasing your distance or speed?

Do you struggle with motivation? Do you love how running makes you feel but struggle to go out when it’s cold, miserable or you have had a busy day?

Has your training plateaued? Do you want to run further or faster but find it all to easy to give up when you start to find it hard?

Would you like to add some variety to your training and would like to try something new but aren’t quite sure what?

Would you like to return to running after having a baby but aren’t sure if it’s safe or if it would cause problems?

Here’s why Coach Nicola’s running coaching works


All my coaching starts with you. I look at your goals, your running history and what you would like to achieve.

I create a training programme around you, your life, work and family. By setting a realistic but challenging training plan we make sure that you get to the start line feeling confident and excited.

With 1-2-1 coaching you have an accountability partner to help give you the motivation to get up and going, even when the couch and a glass of wine is calling you! With my 1-2-1 coaching not only to you have someone waiting for you at the session but also someone to check in with you, to help you set a plan that fits around your life and stick to it.

As your coach I am on your side. I know that you can run further or faster but we just need to tell that small voice in your head that is saying different to go away! Many runners do plateau which can lead you to wondering why you are bothering going out running every week just to get the same result and making you lose confidence in your ability. In our sessions we can work on techniques to regain your confidence, on ways to focus your mind away from the pressure of running and to bring back some fun and enjoyment into your training.

I know what it is like to have an injury stop you running and how the fear of injury can limit how hard you push yourself when you return to running. With 1-2-1 coaching I look at you as an individual, your running technique, how you move and where there may be imbalances that may make you more susceptible to injury. My sessions include strength and conditioning which help to reduce the risk of injury.

If you don’t know your tempo from your fartlek it can feel a bit daunting to start training in a different way as you don’t know if you are doing it right or even what the benefit is. Together in our sessions we can work on new ways of training that are not only varied and enjoyable but will help you become a stronger, fitter runner.

If you are a new mum you are bombarded by well intentioned people telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. I completely understand that if you were a runner before your baby was born and were running whilst pregnant you will want to start running again now the baby is here. I also know that every mum is different and that what might work for one woman won’t work for you. My coaching sessions give you a space to return to running in a safe way that takes into consideration your pelvic floor health as well as your general post-natal healing and strength.


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One to one in person coaching from £187 per month.

Weekly in person coached sessions and a personalised training plan with online support.

1-2-1 coaching sessions are held in Aylesbury Vale, Bicester and the surrounding area. This covers Aylesbury, Waddesdon, North Marston, Bicester and surrounding villages.