what to look for in a post natal trainer. Picture of a woman on the floor with a baby holding a rattle

What to look for in a post natal trainer

what to look for in a post natal trainer. Picture of a woman on the floor with a baby holding a rattle

If you have recently had a baby and are looking to start to get a bit more active, what should you look out for when considering a fitness class for mums or a post natal trainer?

Make sure your personal trainer or class leader is post natal trained

Despite women making up half the population, pre and post natal exercise isn’t part of the basic training for personal trainers. Trainers and coaches need to take additional qualifications to be able to work with pre and post natal women. So make sure your trainer has this experience.

Do they ask you about your pregnancy, delivery, diastasis recti or if you have any conditions?

It’s really important that the class or training is fit for you and your stage of postnatal recovery. If they don’t ask you in depth questions, they won’t know what is appropriate for you. Which means you could end up doing movements that can hinder your recovery. So if they don’t ask questions, go to someone who does.

Do they offer options throughout the session?

As a new mum getting back to exercise it’s important that you start at the right level with the appropriate exercises for you. But it’s also important that you progress when you are ready so you get fitter and stronger. So if you are attending a postnatal fitness class make sure the class leader offers options and modifications during the session so you work at the right level for you. If you are working 121 this should be a given.

Do they listen?

If you say you find a movement difficult or uncomfortable, do they ask you to stop and listen to what you are saying? Sometimes movements can feel difficult because they are new to you, but other times it can be an indication that you should stop doing it. So make sure your trainer is listening to what you say.

As a fully qualified pregnancy and post natal trainer and a Holistic Core Restore® Coach I am passionate about making a positive difference to your health, confidence and fitness so you can continue to be active, stay strong, mobile and pain free throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

I offer 121 in person and online sessions and group sessions. If you are interested in working with me, just get in touch, let’s see how I can help.

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