TEXT: 5 reasons you’ll love my online coaching if you’re a runner with a busy life IMAGE: photo of a woman running on a trail with blue skies

5 reasons you’ll love my online coaching if you’re a runner with a busy life

TEXT: 5 reasons you’ll love my online coaching if you’re a runner with a busy life IMAGE: photo of a woman running on a trail with blue skies

Wondering how my online coaching could help you achieve your running goals, especially if you have a busy work and/or family life?

Read on to find out why I think you’ll love my online coaching if you’re a runner who wants to achieve your goals without adding to the stress of life!

You never have to meet me

You’re busy, which means you may not be able to make a coaching session when I have availability. But the advantage of an online running coach is that our schedules don’t have to match!

You never have to meet me!

Instead, after our initial chat I will create your programme based around your life, work and family commitments. This means that your training can fit around long work days, shift work, care responsibilities or being the family taxi.

With a realistic training plan you won’t be left stressing how to fit everything in, instead you will feel confident and excited as you work towards your goal.

However, I do like to have regular catch ups on Zoom to see how your training is going, so you won’t be able to avoid me completely!

Online coaching is flexible

There are a lot of training plans out there, many of which are free. You could just pick one that seems to match your goals and fitness levels and give it a go.

But what happens when the kids get sick, work gets busy, or there is some unexpected event that stops you from running? When things start to feel a little overwhelming and you just don’t know how you will fit it all in?

As your online running coach, I’ll work with you to come up with solutions so that you can carry on training when life happens. And as your coach I will make sure that one small set back doesn’t deter you from your goal.

Encouragement and Accountability

I may not meet you face to face but I do keep an eye on you!

My online running coaching is delivered via an app. Which means every time you complete a run, a mobility session or a strength workout, I can see what you have done.

If you’ve had a great run, I will cheer you on. If you run wasn’t so good, I can check in to find out why and make alterations to your programme if needed.

Knowing I am here for you, to encourage you, to work with you when things don’t go as planned, can really help with accountability. It can help you to make sure you get out and run, even when you’d rather spend the evening relaxing on the sofa (I’d encourage you to do that after your run!).

It’s more than just running

Running is great, but so is mobility and strength training. Two things that runners often don’t make time for.

As your running coach I don’t just programme your runs. I will also make sure that you do the other stuff that will not only make you a stronger runner, but also help to reduce your risk of injury.

And as I know runners, especially runners with busy lives, just want to run, I’ll make these short and specific to you.

Don’t think you can find 30 minutes for a strength workout? How about 10?

Not sure you can spend a lot of time on your mobility and flexibility? How about I make it part of your cool down so you do it every time you run?

Have a question? I’m here to help

Confused about tempo?

Not sure if you’re doing your Fartlek right?

Want to know how to stop that annoying sloshing in your hydration pack?

As your online running coach I am on hand to answer those odd thoughts and questions that pop into your head on your runs. No question or thought is too small for me to help.

So if you’re wondering what is the best thing to eat the day before a race, or if foam rolling is really supposed to be so ouchy, or if new shoes are always the solution, or why am I making you run up hills… just ask!

So, if you are a runner with a busy life who still wants to achieve your goals, without adding stress, and want me to be your online running coach then fill in my application form and let’s chat!

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